X-ray Protective Panels for Walls, Ceilings and Floors

Wardray Premise are experts in bonding lead to plywood and plasterboard to produce panelling for radiation shielding.

Lead bonded to plywood
Lead bonded to plasterboard
Lead bonded to plywood
Lead bonded to plywood

Applying panels to an existing wall would normally require the installation of battens. Using a leaded batten completes the same groundwork with the advantage of full protection to the panel joints.

For dry lining partitions in a number of differing profiles it is acceptable to introduce lead tape of a similar lead thickness to the panel. This is applied to the front face of the stud. The panels are then fixed through the tape into the stud which provides full protection to the joints.

Panels are single sided. The minimum thickness for plasterboard panels is 12.5mm. Panels and battens are easily cut using conventional hand or power saws.

Wall Panels

Wall panels are supplied up to 600mm wide and to a maximum height of 3000mm. If protection is required above the 3000mm maximum panel height then a horizontal noggin will be added (either leaded batten or leaded tape) to provide protection at that panel joint. Additional lead lined horizontal battens or plates can be supplied in widths to suit fixing of viewers, electrical outlet sockets, apron racks, cupboards etc. Protection to pipes and ventilation ducts can also be provided.

If protection is not required to the full height of the board then lead can be applied to the lower area and the plasterboard left untrimmed to provide a flat front surface to 3000mm. As an alternative a top capping can be supplied.

Ceiling and Floor Panels

For ceiling panels we recommend the bonding of lead to 12mm plywood for structural strength. It is recommended that the overall panel weight does not exceed 25kg.

For floor protection, the plywood can be reduced to 9mm and the edges rebated to receive lead tape, protecting the joints and giving a flush finish.

Panel Weights

We are able to produce panels up to 80kg as our production process involves a minimal amount of manual handling. However, for deliveries, off-loading on sites and final installation, we strongly advise that panels do not exceed an overall weight of 62kg for plasterboard and 75kg for plywood.

This should be reduced to 25kg if fixing to a ceiling. We further recommend that panels are reduced in size and therefore weight, if fixed to walls at high levels (see table below). For safety purposes, appropriate manual handling training is recommended regardless of panel size or weight.

Total estimated weights of some example panels are listed below.

Panel TypePlasterboard 600mm widePlywood 600mm wide
Code 3 lead (1.32mm)35kg43kg30kg36kg
Code 4 lead (1.80mm)43kg53kg38kg46kg
Code 5 lead (2.24mm)50kg62kg45kg55kg
Code 6 lead (2.65mm)57kg71kg *52kg64kg
Code 7 lead (3.15mm)65kg *81kg *60kg74kg

* Panels are not normally produced in these sizes. The weights are provided as a guide and for information only.

Please contact us for further information or to discuss your structural radiation shielding requirements.