X-Ray Shielding for Non-Destructive Testing

Using high energy X-ray units or Gamma sources such as Iridium 192, it is possible to carry out detailed inspections of materials to detect metal fatigue or faults in the weld of manufactured components.

Requiring high levels of shielding, these facilities can be rooms or inspection cabinets. The rooms are often large and can accommodate forklift access.

Concrete structures for rooms will be preferred where space permits and will include power operated lead lined doors, with a safety interlocking system. The facility has a separate control room which may require the use of CCTV cameras to monitor procedures.

Cabinets will typically consist of a steel framework clad in lead plywood or interlocking chevron bricks, complete with doors and shielded access points for services.

Additional security arrangements may be required for some radiation sources, e.g. lockable door control panels and additional security locks.

NDT room model
NDT Room Design
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Enquiry Guide

To help us provide an accurate quotation please supply the following information with your enquiry:

  • NDT requirement: e.g. cabinets, doors, enclosures
  • Structure, composition and thickness of any walls which may be incorporated within the enclosure.
  • Clear opening sizes required for doors.
  • Any reports on the specified shielding requirements from your own Radiation Protection Advisor (RPA).

If reports are not available please also provide:

  • Details of the radiation source, type and output of the X-ray equipment or Gamma Source.
  • All required positions, heights and angles of the radiation source in relation to surrounding walls and ceilings.
  • Information on the surrounding area:
    • Can access be limited?
    • Location of other buildings.
    • Can access over roof be limited?
    • Location of unclassified personnel.
    • Likely workload, type and sizes of test objects.
    • Any relevant drawings, site layouts, etc., would be most helpful.

Please contact us for further information or to discuss your structural radiation shielding requirements.