Relax & View

Illuminated picture panels for walls and ceilings.
2 Product Ranges in Relax & View

Designed to flood light into windowless rooms the Relax & View® wall and ceiling panels are ideal for use in Therapy Treatment Rooms, X-ray Departments, MRI Suites and Patient Waiting Areas.

The transparent images provide a pleasant distraction for patients, reducing the effects of claustrophobia, patient stress and restlessness.

Our LED panels have been developed from technology using 8mm LED sheet which is an acrylic lit panel containing LED’s as its light source. This new technology ensures that the light is evenly reflected throughout the entire panel.

The price of each system includes a high quality transparency of any image from our Relax and View Image Collection.

Features Include

  • Wall mounted in portrait form up to a total of four units
  • Single units are wall mounted in a landscape form to display scenic images
  • Ceiling mounted units create a feeling of openness and freedom
  • LED wall panels only 8mm in depth (overall depth 22mm)
  • LED ceiling panels are 15mm in depth
  • Long life of over 70,000 hours
  • Consumes 70% less power than a T5 fluorescent lamp
  • Environmentally friendly, containing no harmful mercury or other heavy metals