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Manchester Royal Infirmary provided us with a detailed brief to design and manufacture a chair specifically for use when x-raying bowel movements. Working closely with their team we successfully produced a prototype which has proved extremely successful.

This new chair has been manufactured to provide ease of cleaning in line with infection control procedures. It has one fixed armrest, a removable step for easy access and is easy to manoeuvre. The seat is manufactured from Natural Polyethylene.

A protective collar with a lead band is provided with the chair. When placed around the plastic bed pan (not provided) prevents scatter radiation.


The Proctology Chair should be washed with a disposable cloth rinsed in a solution of warm water and detergent. The Chair should be rinsed with warm water and dried thoroughly with paper towels.

If required the chair can be washed down with hand hot sodium hypochlorite solution up to 1% or 10000 parts per million chlorine.

  • Constructed in aluminium for its strength and lightweight characteristics
  • Fixed height but should accommodate all digital imaging machines.
  • An armrest is fitted for patient comfort and safety
  • Retractable step to allow easy patient access
  • Fitted with two 125mm wheels allows ease of manoeuvrability when tilted backwards