Wardray Premise

Sliding Lead Lined Doorsets

Part of the Wardray Premise Total Radiation Shielding Package

As a general guide for sliding doorsets up to Code 8 lead, when the minimum clear opening size is identified, add approximately 190mm to the width and 40mm to the height for the required structural opening. We recommend that the doors are installed on the outside wall face of the room.

It is essential that any variation to these conditions is identified at the time of enquiry to ensure that the design and construction is modified to give complete shielding integrity.

Please note

The clear opening width is defined as being from the door edge in the "fully open" position to the opposite frame. The door in this position is held by a floor stop, to allow easy access to handles on both sides.

Sliding Arrangements

When placing an order, please confirm the sliding arrangements. Viewed from the side of the opening to be fitted with the door, does it slide to the left or to the right of the opening?

Please also confirm that there is sufficient wall clearance around the structural opening and that the wall construction is suitable for the door loadings.

Design for a Sliding Door
Design for a Sliding Door
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