Wardray Premise

Hinged Lead Lined Doorsets

Part of the Wardray Premise Total Radiation Shielding Package

Our standard design, used in diagnostic applications, is suitable for use within walls where their overall density and thickness provides the necessary shielding. If lead is the primary shielding material this design assumes that it is installed on the inside wall of the x-ray room.

To calculate the structural opening using our standard hardwood doorframe (45mm thick), add 100mm to the width and 50mm to the height of the proposed door size.

Unless otherwise requested, doors are constructed to open into the X-ray room.

Handing Arrangements

When placing an order, please also confirm handing arrangements.

Single Doorsets

With door opening towards you are the hinges on the left or right hand side?

Double Doorsets

With doors opening towards you are the hinges supporting the leading leaf on the left or right hand side?

Storey Height Frames

These are manufactured with either a fixed or removable over door panel. There is also the option of a transom with glazed or solid panel above.

Lead Glass Vision Panels

These are supplied to a lead equivalent equal to that specified for the doors and can include Vistamatic vision panels or blinds if required.

Hinged Doors

Hinged Doors

Hinged Doors
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Certified Fire Rated Lead Lined Hinged Doorsets


Wardray Fire Doors are manufactured to our Global Fire Resistance Assessment (details available upon request) to give either 30 minute or 60 minute fire resistance. Our certification covers doorsets with lead thickness from Code 3 (1.32mm) to Code 8 (3.55mm).

Single doorsets can be supplied in door leaves to a maximum size 2100mm x 1000mm with the option of an over panel up to 1500mm high.

Double doorsets can be supplied to a maximum size of 2100mm x 2000mm with the larger leaf no greater than 1000mm wide .There is the option of an over panel up to 1000mm high.

Each door leaf is hung on 4 hinges to an accredited specification and other specified ironmongery is available on request.

For 30 minute fire resisting doors only, there are options for lead glass with or without Vistamatic windows up to a maximum of 0.58 square metres but with no opening less than 90mm from any door edge.

Multiple windows can be supplied with a minimum of 150mm between each window aperture.

To ensure the integrity of a fire resisting doorset, amendments (such as glazing panels) cannot be added by a third party once the door has been installed.

Glazed Fire Rated Door
Glazed Fire Rated Door
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